NCBA: Provides Valuable Training on the Inland Waterways

One of the ideals the NCBA promotes is “community boating: supporting both community and waterways regeneration.” In this spirit I shared a community boating story from Kenya on Facebook: Participants on an RYA Instructors course in Kenya receiving their RYA membership cards. I received an email from the activities centre in Kenya expressing their thanks for supporting their work. All of their instructors are Kenyan born and the opportunity to train and affiliate to a professional body such as the RYA is a precious chance not often given to people there.

However, this prompted a Facebook discussion about why we were promoting RYA training instead of our own. Here in the UK our NCBA training courses provide a clear progression through the stages of community boat management. View all our NCBA training courses.


Trevor Roberts, chairman of the NCBA has added to the conversation with this article.

I have watched with interest the emerging discussion generated by the
wonderful story of the young Kenyans receiving their sailing certificates.
The story surprised and pleased me in so many ways.  We are used to seeing
their prowess on the athletics track – I never thought of sailing: My
limited knowledge of the country.

What was more surprising was the response to the acknowledgement of the RYA.
I can totally understand the frustration of NCBA trainers.  They give freely
and very generously  of their time to develop, deliver and moderate training
packages specifically geared around the navigation of our Inland Waterways.
Whilst I would not wish to raise concerns about safety there is no room for
complacency. It is unfortunate that the Authorities that have responsibility
for safety do not regulate as effectively the regulations in relation to
under 12 passengers as they rigorously do to above that number.

I visited the RYA web site and I have the greatest admiration for their work
but I do feel there is a shortfall in relation to Inland Waterways.  The
NCBA structure provides a greater depth and sustained training package.

I hope that the emerging Canal & River Trust will provide the impetus for
greater PARTNERSHIP  development from all Waterways Organisations in order to provide greater public benefit.

“I have been unable to find any country that has a Network of Community Boat projects as we have in the UK”

I have been involved in a number of International projects and I have
discovered that  Community Boats are exceptionally rare. I have been unable
to find any country that has a Network of Community Boat projects as we have
in the UK

The Olympics are allowing us to show the great strengths of Team GB but that
has only been possible by the working together and support of so many.


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