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Thomas the Tug: The Wharf Project

So why have so many UK community boating organisations joined together under the name of the NCBA? If you’re not familiar with our work I can outline a few benefits that our members enjoy:

  • Regular meetings provide a powerful means of ideas sharing, opening up a national network of experience.
  • Members gain instant credibility helping to create a bigger profile.
  • All members are encouraged to take on our nationally recognised training packages.
  • All NCBA members get a free copy of the lifejacket: a collection of five helpful booklets.
  • Promotion of news and achievements through our blog and social media channels.

Who does the training?

Our trainers are passionate about community boating. This article puts the spotlight on two of our senior trainers.

Lee Davies is a Senior Trainer and Moderator of NCBA Her website  http://www.findaskipper.co.uk is working with the community for the community to provide good solid training for boaters and skippers for all occasions. Female Senior Trainers are few and far between, as are qualified female skippers. The NCBA would like to encourage more women to ‘take to the water’ with confidence after attending our courses.

Bob Ratcliffe is also a NCBA Senior Trainer and Regional Moderator. He works with the Wharf Project narrowboat in Walsall. The Wharf projects 42 seat trip boat and 10 bed overnighter at Catshill Junction. His My little known tug boat, Thomas the Tug is also part of The Wharf Project. The project recently took possession of a training centre based on the Staffs and Worcester at Calf heath Marina.

The Certificate in Community Boat Management is a nationally accredited course for helmsmen and crew members working with the young, the elderly, the disadvantaged or handicapped on Class A or B Waters.

Other NCBA courses include Basic Boat Handling; Complete Crew Course; Regional Training Moderator; Senior Trainer; CCBM Training Endorsement; and Additional Course Units.

Read more about benefits for our members.

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