Community Boat Cruises Towards Paralympic Games


NCBA member The Bruce Trust has been in the news recently, as one of their wide beam boats begins heading towards London.

The Diana, named in memory of the Princess of Wales is usually based on the Kennett and Avon at Bedwyn Wharf near Marlborough. However, she will soon be moored near the Olympic Stadium and providing accommodation for people with disabilities, during the Paralympic Games.

The Trust has a total of four boats. Rebecca and Hannah are 12 berth, Diana is 10 berth and Rachel is 6 berth. Each boat has flexibility for people with a wide variety of special needs. They all have quality comfortable accommodation. The extra width of the boats provides good manoeuvrability for wheelchair users and they all have hydraulic lifts, wide-access boarding ramps and low level bunks.
The boats are usually available for hire for self-catering, self-steer holidays by disabled, disadvantaged or elderly people along with their family, friends or carers.

The journey by canal to Stratford East is eighty-two miles. Rotary Clubs along the Kennet and Avon will be crewing the boat along the journey towards London and providing day trips to local groups of people with special needs. They plan to arrive in time for the Paralympics’ Opening Ceremony on Wednesday August 29th.   Bruce Trust volunteers will look after the boat during the Games and a range of charities for disabled people have been invited to apply for low cost accommodation and entry tickets to the Paralympics.

The Diana can accommodate up to ten people including carers and charges to stay aboard during the games will be just £25 per night.

The Bruce Trust was created in 1988 by Louise and David Bruce, following the sale of Bruce’s Brewery and the Firkin Pubs in London. They offer disabled, disadvantaged or elderly people the opportunity to enjoy self-steer, self-catering holidays, cruising on the Kennet & Avon Canal.

Their involvement with the Paralympics is a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to the ways that community boating benefits a variety of people within our society.

Visit The Bruce Trust website.

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