The Floating Children’s Home

Floating childrens home

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Continuing our blog series of highlighting NCBA members I am pleased to introduce a Lancashire organisation that actually provides residential care for young people on board a boat.

Waterworks is owned by Care Afloat and is believed to be the only boat registered with Ofsted as a children’s home. This canal boat provides accommodation for one young person and can operate in most Local Authority areas, as long as there is a canal or navigable waterway. This home is ideal for young people who may be difficult to settle, and some have lived aboard the boat for one or two years.

Care Afloat offers holistic provision for children and young people starting at one month old, upwards. They have quite unique facilities and promise flexibility, tenacity and consistency.

MD and founder Danny Curran says,

“It is not our job to control our young people. It is our mission to walk them through a crisis period in their lives, to teach them that their behaviour has consequences, good and bad, and show them the benefits of choosing behaviour that affects themselves and others in a positive way.”

Varied facilities include a school, placements, houses and holistic mental health services in addition to their five boats:

Sharon – a cosy 38’ narrow boat based on Lancaster Canal.

Charmaine – a  71’ narrow boat, equipped for people with disabilities; with a cruising ground from Lancashire to London.

Pride, a newly refurbished 57’ wide beam boat.

Prilika – a 34’, eight berth offshore sailing boat plying the Irish, English and Scottish waters.

The boats are just one aspect of the services, activities and care they offer to young people. Visit the website to find out more.

nb Waterworks interior.

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