Revolutionary New Year resolution ideas

Resolution RevolutionI’ve just found out about the Resolution Revolution. The British Humanist Association is offering support to help you to make a resolution that encompasses doing good for someone else. So, for example, rather than just resolving to lose weight, you might choose to lose weight in a sponsored event for charity.

We’ve come up with some fun ideas of how you can combine your own resolutions with getting involved in community boating.

Exercise more and be more healthy

Find your local community boating project and offer to assist them in their work. Operating locks can involve plenty of activity. Alternatively, consider a sponsored towpath walk to raise funds. There have been several news stories this year about people who have rowed the Grand Union Canal for charity: one of these expeditions was rowed in a bathtub! You could also be sponsored for how many days or weeks you can abstain from smoking or drinking, the less you indulge the more money you raise…

Learn something new

It’s that time of year when many of us look at our own careers and consider what direction we’d like to be going in. Do you feel a change coming? Our Community Crew course is ideal for the young and inexperienced, aged 14+ and includes boat steering, rope work and more. Other courses include the Community Boat Leadership Programme, boat handling and a trainers teaching course. Find a course to suit you on our main website.

Be kinder to others

Charity begins at home so look around your own community and think about the little things you could do. It doesn’t have to be a major commitment. Supporting charities doesn’t even have to cost money. Simply raising awareness by following your favourite charities on social networks can help to spread the word and promote their causes. Every time you re-tweet or share an update you are spreading the word about work that is important to you. Many of our member organisations have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Find your local community boating project today, and keep in touch with the NCBA on our own Twitter and Facebook pages.

Making it happen

Once your resolutions are made make a plan of how to keep them, and then share your plans and goals with friends on social networks and in real life. Include something to do with helping others and it will help you to feel good about yourself and the resolutions you’ve made. It could also make you feel more accountable, and therefore more likely to stay focussed on your goals.

Good luck with your plans and Happy New Year from all at NCBA!



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