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The floating classroom.

The floating classroom.

When you see your local community boat drifting peacefully by, with the sunlight reflecting off the canal water and smiles on the faces of the passengers and crew, you might think that community boating is all about rest and recuperation. However, our national organisation The NCBA and many of our member organisations provide valuable training for anyone interested in boats, canals and helping the community.

Time to retrain?

Although by now many of your New Year resolutions may have lapsed, it’s still a good time of year to consider if now is the time to re-train or improve your skills. All members of the NCBA are encouraged to undertake our nationally recognised training packages.

The Certificate in Community Boat Management is a nationally accredited course for helmsmen and crew members working with the young, the elderly, the disadvantaged or handicapped on Class A or B Waters.

Boat Handling Courses

Other NCBA courses include Basic Boat Handling; Complete Crew Course; Regional Training Moderator; Senior Trainer; CCBM Training Endorsement; and Additional Course Units. Find a course that suits you.

Our member organisations provide a number of different training options locally. These include Basic Book keeping, Boating on Tidal Waters, and Building a Boat, all run by The Truman Enterprise Narrowboat Trust in the west midlands.  Hillingdon Narrowboats Association near Harefield, London and The Boatmaster Centre in Stockport provide training in diesel engine maintenance. These two projects also offer courses in fire fighting. Handling Difficult People is a course held by The Surrey Care Trust.  You may also consider first aid, risk assessment or team building. See our full list of additional course units.

Join the social revolution and gain valuable experience and knowledge!

Read more about benefits for our members.

Image: The Floating Classroom is operated by the charity Beauchamp Lodge Settlement in Paddington, London.

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