5 part quick guide to boat training

Support educational charitiesThe NCBA and many of our member organisations provide valuable training for anyone interested in boats, canals and helping the community. We’ve put together this quick guide to show you some of the inspiring ways you could retrain and combine your love of the waterways with making a difference to your local neighbourhood.

The brains behind the beautiful boats:  An overview of the many different types of courses provided by the NCBA and our member organisations, from Basic Boat Handling to Senior Trainer and many more that you may not expect…

Join the Resolution Revolution This article offers ideas on ways to get involved with community boating, whilst combining it with your own personal goals for this year.

3 Can’t imagine what the work would be like? Check out An interview with Bob Ratcliffe, senior trainer

Find out how he got involved, what inspires him, and why now he wouldn’t do any other kind of work.

What do the NCBA do? A brief summary of what our organisation offers its members, including a variety of training options.

Quick Menu: Find a course – a concise list of all courses offered by the NCBA. Our training provides a clear progression through the stages of community boat management. Find your nearest community boating project if you’d like to get involved.

But why? Bob Ratcliffe says, “To see one child change their life around because we are there makes it all worthwhile.”

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