Charities: A new way to help others!


Spring: A time of change

If you work for a charity sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas, whether you are working to help vulnerable people, raise funds or educate people in an engaging way. Have you considered making use of your local canal or river in your work? You may find there’s a wonderful resource on your doorstep that is surprisingly versatile – when you have a boat!

The NCBA is a nationwide network that has pulled together most of the UK’s boating organisations in one easy to access place. You may need an unusual venue for a workshop or talk, or an accessible day trip for those with special needs. Perhaps you could raise funds by organising a local boat trip with a seasonal theme. Do you know of young people who could get involved with a creative activity? Or perhaps people suffering with depression that might benefit from being involved in a  boat refurbishment project?

It’s not just boat trips

Our member organisations include a floating children’s home, a floating classroom and a historical cargo carrying boat. When is a boat not a boat? Joint Activities and Motor Education Services (JAMES) in West Yorkshire work with ‘at risk’ and ‘disengaged’ young people teaching them new skills.

Whether you care about the environment and nature, want to empower young people or make a difference to vulnerable children your local community boating project may inspire you.

Community boating projects use boating for therapy, education, training, rehabilitation, community service and creative activities. They benefit from the NCBA wide support network, and their volunteers have been trained and checked with Volunteer Disclosure and Barring Checks.

Find your local community boat and just add water!

But I can’t steer a boat!

Find out more about the training we offer.

How could you connect your own work with the canal and your local community?


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