Community boater has narrowboat coffin

safe anchor recently reported the sad news that a respected community boater has passed away.

Robert Boothroyd, aged 60, died of cancer, and took his final journey by canal boat. His coffin was decorated the same as his narrowboat and a procession of boats followed behind. Bob “The Gas” Boothroyd was formerly a merchant seaman. In more recent years he worked with the Safe Anchor Trust in West Yorkshire, providing boat trips for disadvantaged children and community groups.

The Safe Anchor Trust was formed in 1995 to provide access to the canals for special needs groups, those with health and mobility problems, and socially disadvantaged groups. They are also able to assist those who find it difficult to access everyday leisure activities.

Their work helps groups that are looking for ways to improve the health of their users with social and recreational pastimes.  The charity is entirely funded by voluntary contributions.

As a member of the National Community Boats Association The Safe Anchor Trust benefits from our wide support network, and their volunteers have been trained and checked with Volunteer Disclosure and Barring Checks. The NCBA also offers access to a variety of relevant training.

Providing access to the waterways can be a varied and rewarding way of life. The people who work for our membership organisations enjoy bringing boat trips and holidays to groups of people that might not usually be able to experience the canals.

A poignant poem has been published on the Safe Anchor Trust website in memoriam of Bob Boothroyd.

Image credit: Safe Anchor Trust

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