How to find a community boat

Wendover signpostWhy would I want a community boat? Here are three ways that the National Community Boating Association can help you.

1. Go boating (obviously.)

Organise an inland boating experience for your school, community organisation or charity. Cathy Jenkins at Sail 4 Cancer said, “My initial feedback from the youngsters and parents is excellent.” Read more.

Boats can be used for day trips, holidays or even as a floating classroom.

2. Get creative

Some projects provide hands-on activities in anything from historic boat restoration to arts and crafts. Boats can be used for therapy, education, training, rehabilitation, community service and environmental awareness. Is your local canal an undiscovered community resource?

3. Get qualified

Local boating charities provide a surprising array of courses. The NCBA offers CCC, Community Crew Certificate, BHC, Boat Handling Course, CCBM, Certificate in Community Boat Management and opportunities to become a senior trainer. See the full range of courses and improve your skills.


The Community Boating Directory

So, how do you find your nearest community boating project? We have now created a comprehensive list of our member organisations with links to each website wherever possible. This valuable resource will also let you see the diversity of different work undertaken by our membership so that you can choose an organisation that fits in with your requirements.

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