Gutless kayaker needs a support boat!

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In just a few weeks Justin Hansen will be kayaking 420 miles from Skipton in North Yorkshire to Bristol in the south west to raise funds for bowel cancer research at St. Marks Hospital in Harrow, London.

Justin is the “gutless kayaker” as he has had his intestines removed due to Crohn’s disease. Throughout the journey he will be attached to a life support system supplying artificial nutrition. They will be starting the journey on Saturday 7th September and will finish in Bristol on Tuesday 8th October 2013. It’s not the first time he’s done this sort of thing though. Check out the blog of the 2010 mission.

Justin will require two boats as support vessels, carrying medical equipment, team members and other paddlers.

Canal Connections (an organisation set up by former NCBA chairman Trevor Roberts) will be providing their community boat Merlot as support for the entire trip. NCBA member the Bruce Charitable Trust will also be providing a wide beam boat from Reading to Bristol.

However, that means Justin is still looking for another support boat from Skipton to Reading, either all the way, or some of the way . If they are unable to find a second boat they will be relying on the hospitality and good will of friends, hotels, pubs and B and B’s as they go. Justin will be carrying his tent and camping equipment at all time in case of emergencies.

If you can help in any way, particularly with the need for another support boat, contact the team via their website

Do also like the Facebook page to share their news and help raise awareness of this world record breaking challenge.

You can also donate at the Gutless Kayaking Just Giving page.

Featured image: ‘Merlot’, (c) Yvonne Roberts, Artist in Residence, via Canal Connections website.

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