Facebook takes canals into the 21st century

Peggy steering smallThis week The Burnley Express reported that the Burnley canal has now entered the digital age with a new futuristic tourist trail. Visitors to the canal can use smart phones to scan a series of Quick Response barcodes (known as QR tags) and view web pages of information, videos and pictures related to the heritage of the canal.

This new development comes after Google recently lent a Street View backpack to the Canal and River Trust. This new mapping project will allow people from all over the world to see panoramic images of the UK’s waterways on line.

It seems technology is providing us with more and more ways to connect with the canals, and the age of social networking has given us a myriad of ways to connect with like-minded people. I love hanging out in boater’s groups on Facebook, eaves-dropping on discussions about all things canal-related.

It’s easy to follow community boats

I also follow several community boating pages including Hillingdon Narrowboats Association, Tarporley Camden Community Narrowboat, The Bruce Charitable Trust and many more. They share pictures, events and boat trips, awards and news, and fundraising successes. An easy way to follow them all is to follow my interest list. I’ve collected all the community boating pages I know into one place on Facebook to make it easy to keep up with their news.

Get notifications!

On our own NCBA page we share all kinds of news and events from around the canal system, and regularly feature the various community boating members of our organisation. However, remember  when you join our page hover over the ‘Liked’ button and select ‘Get notifications’ so that you never miss an update. Get more boat news in your news feed! To be honest I find if you don’t do this Facebook decides for you what you might or might not want to see and you tend to miss out on the news from the pages you really like.

Like our Facebook page now; and support community boating by sharing our news. Thank you!


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