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Alan Peddar

Alan Peddar

We’re happy to introduce a new feature on the blog: Recruitment For Community Boaters. If you are looking for staff or volunteers, or have skills you think you could offer to our network get in touch.

Alan Peddar has just spent three years as the Waterways Manager of a Hertfordshire charity that provides opportunities for those with disabilities or disadvantage, and caters for around 2000 people a year.

He is now looking for a new challenge with another community boat operation.

Alan was part of the driving force behind setting up the Class V passenger vessel and self-steer hire boat operations for Reachout Plus. He has many years of management experience and is a qualified Boatmaster. He has considerable experience in project management, including both operational organisation and man-management skills. Familiar with strict budget limitations and tight deadlines Alan is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved. His passion lies in providing opportunities for people with learning and other disabilities to enable them to widen their range of experiences.

Alan says, “I live on my narrowboat, so a job with a mooring would be ideal, canal, river or sea, it doesn’t matter which!”

Obviously, Alan has extensive boating skills and qualifications related to boating, sailing, community work, health and safety and diesel engine maintenance.  (With the NCBA he acquired the Certificate in Community Boat Management.) Until recently he was also a Director and Trustee for the National Community Boats Association.

Do get in touch if you’re interested in discussing with Alan what he could bring to your organisation.

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