5 little-known #canal blogs to watch in 2014

Here be pirates!

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One of the great things about the NCBA is it’s a good way to connect with other organisations; there are over 100 community boating projects under our ‘umbrella’. I’ve begun to check out each and every one of their websites to see who is blogging in 2014.

1) Too cool for school?

Merlot is a community narrowboat based near Leeds with Canal Connections  The organisation is a social enterprise which promotes the canal as a unique learning environment. They aim to raise awareness that the canal is an asset that is often overlooked by agencies who are seeking an alternative to traditional methods of engagement and empowerment. Their guest blog in December was written by Santa Claus himself! Canal Connections is also an accredited NCBA training centre.

2) and 3) The Ashton Boatman

The Boatman blog is the thoughts, opinions, observations and general meandering of Chris Leah, the Ashton Boatman. Lots of it relates to his work for the Wooden Canal Boat Society repairing, restoring and pottering about on historic wooden canal boats based in Tameside. The Wooden Canal Boat Society regularly blog their latest news.

4) The eco barge

Beauchamp the electric barge is based in London, Paddington. Their news updates notify readers of menu changes and upcoming events. The boat is available for private hire but is also a floating classroom operated by the charity Beauchamp Lodge Settlement. They have been providing opportunities for learning and leisure on London’s canals since 1938.

5) Beware of pirates!

Based on the Regents Canal, the crew of the Pirate Castle welcome people from all ages and walks of life to share their expertise and enthusiasm of water-based activities, and have been doing so for 45 years. Their team provide a variety of community activities and training both on water and on land. They have a news section which they keep updated on their website. News from the Pirate Castle.

Keeping up with boats that blog

If you want to keep up with reading several blogs at once it makes sense to use an online news aggregator. I use Feedly where I can categorise all of the community boating blogs into one group, keeping them separate from the blogs that I read about other topics.

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