What #Santa Claus Can Teach Us About #Volunteering

Santa on the Wey and Arun canal

Santa on the Wey and Arun canal

If you want to have a meaningful, positive impact on your local community, take some inspiration from this jolly fellow; he only volunteers once a year, but he brings so much joy to millions. With our knowledge of volunteering we’ve figured out that Santa may actually benefit from the work he does for free.

Valuable Work Experience

Santa is widening his career options by gaining practical experience, and making new connections that may be useful in the future. Volunteering is an opportunity to gain new experiences that he may not normally have had, and he is always learning new skills. Volunteering also gives an example of someone’s committment to their teachers, friends, family and prospective employers. There are very few people who have not heard of Santa’s good work.

Connect With Your Community

At public functions, school fairs and in shopping centres Santa connects with new people, and gives something back to society. Giving his time freely provides him with a real sense of achievement and increased motivation. He often finds himself networking with a diverse range of people.

Learning New Skills

Volunteering has taught Santa a lot about gift wrapping, reindeer care, and air navigation. There are currently no further volunteer opportunities at the North Pole, but if you are attracted to some of the benefits of volunteering you could consider becoming involved with community boating.

With a community boating organisation or the NCBA you could not only improve your boat handling skills but may also gain experience in planning, budgeting, supervising others, and training other volunteers.

If volunteering appeals to you why not find your local community boating project, or train in community boating with the NCBA?

We’d like to wish a very happy Christmas to all of our blog readers, member organisations, supporters, trainers, volunteers, passengers, guests and friends etcetera and we’re looking forward to raising the awareness of community boating in 2015!



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