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The NCBA’s Community Boat Leadership Programme (CBLP) is a hands-on leadership training opportunity for young people.  It is a practical course designed to help young people develop their leadership and other skills that will benefit them and their communities.

The CBLP is being delivered by Community Boat Organisations (CBOs) across the UK (see the CBLP course information to search for current providers). The CBOs offer opportunities to learn skills through operating a variety of craft, and to visit and experience different canals and rivers.

The CBLP training is made up of 4 modules:

Module 1: Boating Skills
Module 2: Safety
Module 3: The Waterways Environment and Heritage
Module 4: Event Organisation

During the CBLP, the young people organise and run an event that involves celebrating their success during the course. They will also be encouraged to get involved in the management of the CBO, and to help others to enjoy and discover the UK’s rivers and canals. A Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate is awarded on completion of the programme.

Training is delivered in small groups, typically groups of three or four, and each young person is assigned a trained mentor who will support them during their programme.

For those who want to continue to develop their leadership and other skills after the CBLP, there are opportunities to gain recognised qualifications in Community Boat Management, for example, the Community Crew Course (CCC) and Certificate in Community Boat Management (CCBM).

The development of the CBLP was funded by the Young Foundation, which aims to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of opportunities for young people as leaders of change in their communities. The programme is also supported by British Waterways.

Interested in taking part in the CBLP or learning more about what would be involved?
See the CBLP leaflet for more information about the programme.

If you would like to take part, please contact the CBLP project coordinator at, or your nearest CBLP provider. More information and links to the CBOs delivering the programme can also be found on our facebook page.

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