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NCBA training provides a clear progression through the stages of community boat management.

read more about Boat Handling Boat Handling
With a focus on steering a boat, casting off, coming alongside and mooring up, you will be taught how to navigate a lock and turn the boat in a suitable place.
read more about Community Boat Leadership Programme Community Boat Leadership Programme
A practical course designed to help young people develop skills for leadership. The CBLP includes modules in Boating Skills, Safety, The Waterways Environment and Heritage and Event Organisation. During the programme, trainees organise and run an event that involves celebrating their success during the course. They are also encouraged to get involved in the management of the Community Boat Organisation. No previous boating experience is required.
read more about Community Crew Course Community Crew Course
Ideal for the young and inexperienced, aged 14+
You will be able to steer the boat and assist with rope work, show ability in using boat equipment safely and understand the emergency procedures.
Equally suitable for volunteers within a project wishing to gain experience.
read more about Certificate in Community Boat Management Certificate in Community Boat Management
18+ on non-tidal inland waterways.
You will have demonstrated competencies in boat handling, routine boat maintenance and the management of group safety and welfare on boats carrying no more than 12 passengers.
read more about Trainers  Course Trainers Course
All the above plus will have shown an understanding of various teaching styles, communication skills, assessment methods and group management and will be qualified to train people in the Certificate in Community Boat Management.
read more about Courses available on specific dates Courses available on specific dates
Courses offered by a providers on specific dates open to all.

Trainers update days 22nd March (South)
29th march 2014 (North)
read more about Additional Course Units Additional Course Units
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