Our Vision

The NCBA’s vision is a network of well resourced, well managed community boating organisations that promote access to UK waterways as well as promoting the safe use of community boats as a resource available for the benefit of disadvantaged and excluded groups in ways that promote social cohesion, protect the environment and support economic regeneration.

Our Objectives

  • To build an effective network of community boating organisations within the UK, to enable positive boating opportunities for the community.
  • To provide organisational support for community boating organisations within the UK to build capacity at the local and regional level and to ensure there is a clear pathway for development.
  • To promote community involvement and togetherness of diverse groups of people
  • To provide training and support opportunities for excluded and/or disadvantaged people within the community as part of a wider pathway to work experience and/or employment.
  • To set, train and monitor quality standards for community boating in the UK, including specific boating safety standards.
  • To promote the work of community boating organisations as a positive leisure experience for all of the community.
  • To work strategically for the national community boating community and where appropriate in partnership with other organisations to promote the benefits of waterways regeneration and influence relevant public policy.

The Trustees

Paul Unwin
Paul UnwinChair of Board
Richard Clarke
Richard ClarkeCompany Secretary
BannyNetwork & Membership Lead
JOHN EMBLINGMinutes Secretary
Dave Wright
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The National Training Commitee

Paul Unwin
Paul UnwinVice Chair of Committee, Advisor & Senior Trainer (East Midlands)
John Embling
John EmblingMinute Secretary, Advisor & Senior Trainer (South)
BannyAdvisor & Senior Trainer (South East)
Richard Clarke
Richard ClarkeAdvisor & Senior Trainer (North)