Training Courses in 2016 – Towpath Talk, February 2016

Continuing our series illustrating the diversity of the National Community Boats Association. This month NCBA director of training Derek Stansfield gives an update on the courses this spring.

Training for Trainers

TWO courses for new trainers are planned for early 2016 at Aldershot – April 8-10 and Skipton – May 6-8. Should these be oversubscribed a third course may be run at The Wharf, Walsall, with dates to be confirmed. Courses will start around 10am on the first day and finish around 4pm on the third day. Cost is £325 and this includes tuition, accommodation and meals except for the evening meals on the first two days, which will normally be taken at a local venue.  Applications for these courses should be made through an Accredited Training Centre (ATC) to Derek Stansfieid (contact details at the end of this article). Candidates are expected to be able to meet the pre-course requirements before being accepted on the course.

Refresher courses

The Trainers Certificate is valid for five years from the end of the course, but requires annual registration. Registration is by submission of the appropriate form and the current fee to the NCBA Administrator. Anyone whose certificate was issued in 2011 or before needs to attend a refresher course. Two have been arranged at Odiham (south) on May 11 and Skipton (north) on April 16. Cost is £75 and this includes tuition, lunch and snacks.

Trainers taking part in a course organised by the NCBA

CCBM renewals

All Certificate in Community Boat Management (CCBM) certificates require renewing every five years. Certificates are renewed on request to the ATC which made the original issue, unless otherwise agreed with NCBA. The person seeking renewal must provide evidence that the minimum experience of 15 days’ community boating in the past three years has been achieved and satisfactory refresher training has been received.

Any CCBM holders who are now not attached to an ATC may approach another centre in order to renew or contact the NCBA. If they have not received any refresher training then it may be possible for this to be arranged through the National Training Committee (NTC).

Senior trainers

Applications are being invited from senior trainers to serve on the National Training Committee (NTC) and undertake to share in its work. Some senior trainers are given additional training and are then appointed as moderators. Moderators are responsible for the external verification process.

Senior trainers are appointed by a process of application, interview and selection. The NTC should represent both a demographic and gender representation as well as bringing specific skills and experience to it.  Applicants should have: in-depth experience of boating and in particular community boating; be willing to commit to attending NTC meetings, of which normally there are four per year; and be willing to take an active share in the work of the NTC.

Anyone who wishes to apply to become a senior trainer should contact Derek Stansfield at:

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