National Community Boats Association

The National Community Boats Association (NCBA) is a registered charity that aims to support community boating organisations. The NCBA vision is a network of well resourced, well managed community boating organisations that promote access to UK waterways as well as promoting the safe use of community boats as a resource available for the benefit of disadvantaged and excluded groups in ways that promote social cohesion, protect the environment and support economic regeneration.

Community boating organisations provide access to services on the UK’s waterways for the benefit of their local community. They often work with youth and other community based groups in addition to individuals and may provide specific services for disabled, disadvantaged, older or otherwise excluded people in our society such as those on low incomes or from minority groups.

The aim of these organisations is much more than just access to a leisure facility. It could be social inclusion, education, rehabilitation (health or offending) and issues of wider community cohesion. They are usually charitable in nature and often registered charities. They are predominantly voluntary organisations themselves relying on donations, fund-raising and sponsorship from within their operating area.

Always aim for perfection, and if you don’t get there, you may at least capture excellence along your path.

Bob Ratcliffe

We offer you so much more than just being able to float your boat. The role of the NCBA varies depending on an organisation’s requirements – each project can gain our help, experience and assistance in developing current and future requirements.

Paul Unwin

The rewards for your efforts are in the path that you tread so that others may follow.

Bob Ratcliffe

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