National Community Boats Association

The NCBA is a Charity which was registered on 12 April 2005 when it became a national organisation.  Prior to that it was only based in the Midlands having been created by are local group of Community Boat Projects.  At that time it was known as the Community Boat Association or CBA.

The Nation Community Boats Association was created with the help of a large grant from the Lottery Commission to widen its reach.

Charitable Objectives

The objects of the Charity as registered with the Charity Commission are to:

  1. advance the education of the general public in safety procedures by: establishing and preserving standards of good practice in boating; establishing a scheme of accreditation for persons in charge of community boats; and developing a curriculum of safety instruction;
  2. to encourage and support community boating organisations within the United Kingdom to use the history,
    arts and environment of the waterways as resources for education of the public and regeneration of the waterways for the benefit of the public at large

This translates into

  • To build an effective network of community boating organisations within the UK, to enable positive boating opportunities for the community.
  • To provide organisational support for community boating organisations within the UK to build capacity at the local and regional level and to ensure there is a clear pathway for development.
  • To promote community involvement and togetherness of diverse groups of people
  • To provide training and support opportunities for excluded and/or disadvantaged people within the community as part of a wider pathway to work experience and/or employment.
  • To set, train and monitor quality standards for community boating in the UK, including specific boating safety standards.
  • To promote the work of community boating organisations as a positive leisure experience for all of the community.
  • To work strategically for the national community boating community and where appropriate in partnership with other organisations to promote the benefits of waterways regeneration and influence relevant public policy.

The Trustees

Paul Unwin

Madhurika Walsh

Michael Ernest Banyard

Steve Scotthorne

Peter Forrest

Dave Wright 

Katrina Ryan