CCC - Community Crew Course

This entry-level course addresses the needs and abilities of all ages, but particularly the young and inexperienced. Equally suitable for volunteers within a project wishing to gain experience. Supported by the Canal and River Trust, the course has a substantial profile on the waterways and in schools and colleges. There is a clear progression from the CCC to the CCBM. 14+

Run by an Approved Training Centre

Boat Handling Course

This course is delivered by an approved NCBA trainer, in preparation for a group taking a boat out on the inland waterways of the UK. The course is designed to minimise potential risks and provide a level of knowledge and skill to the boat operators, helping to ensure a safe, enjoyable boating experience.

This course is often used to support people who wish to hire a canal boat and wish to learn more about handling a canal boat. It is simialr to the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman course but can be tailored to be run on all type of canal boats.

Run by an Approved Training Centre using an NCBA Trainer

CCBM - Certificate in Community Boat Management

Fully endorsed by the Canal and River Trust and recommended as an inland waterways qualification in the Small Passenger Boat code.  This course draws on current best practice, as supplied by member organisations of the NCBA. The aim of the course is to give operators of boats on non-tidal waterways training in boat handling, boat maintenance and the management of group safety and welfare. Minimum age to award the CCBM issue 18 with some experience of working with groups and practical boating experience. Successful candidates qualify to operate boats with a maximum of 12 passengers on non-tidal inland waterways in the UK.

Run by an Approved Training Centre using an NCBA qualified trainer

NCBA Trainers Course

Delivered at an approved Accredited Training Centre (ATC), this 2½ day course will provide an experienced skipper with the teaching and communication skills needed to train individuals in the CCBM. Once qualified, you’ll be able to register your project as an ATC and deliver your own CCBM courses.

For experienced trainers, who visit other Accredited Training Centres in the region to ensure compliance with agreed standards. The process involves recommendations and an interview with the NCBA Training Development Officer. You must already be actively delivering CCBM courses.

Run by at an Approved Training Centre by two NCBA Senoir Trainers

Singlehanded Helm Course

This course is based on the CCBM but is tailored for people who need to be able to handle a canal boat single handed.

Lockside Assistant Course

This course is short course designed to support the Waterways Chaplency in their work helping single boat users and live abord people traverse locks.  It covers the theory and design of locks and overs the necessary activites to safely support third part lock users.